There has recently been a renaissance of interest in older gear and traditional designs. Part of the success (the re-introduction) of RMW packs is attributable to that. We have not messed with the original designs and we continue to use some materials that modernists and the fashion police consider to be out-of-date. The fact is that these choices are valid because the older components either equal or outperform the newer components and we consider them to have greater aesthetic value. Most of the time, changes occur for reasons of economy and fashion and not because of functional value. If the components we used were inferior, we would find something better. With that in mind, you will find the Jensen Pack™ equipped with leather tie-on points (barbells) and leather reinforced stress points. The waist buckle is made from stainless steel that can easily be released with one hand. The shoulder strap buckles are the traditional nickel plated steel, double bar buckles, (they don’t break like plastic buckles). Cordura nylon is rarely used in backpacks these days. Most manufacturers have switched to high tech fabrics that are lighter weight, but ironically the Jensen Pack™ remains one of the lightest packs in it’s capacity range, and achieves many times the longevity of these modern fabrics. Even though the Jensen Pack™ is made much in the same image as it originally was, and thus appeals to the purist, it is possible to specify more modern materials and we will work with your requests to adapt the design to your needs. Please see the section on Customize for more information and ordering guidelines.

It is a ton of fun to be part of this movement away from mass produced gear and it is great for the consumer because of the proliferation of choices and the availability of unusual niche products. Thanks so much for your support!!