Our Community

Small scale, community based, “micro- cottage” industry. This is the counterpoint to the globally based economy. While it is possible to have a larger company, with a commitment to environmental, ethical and political issues, while maintaining a beneficial relationship with local and international communities, our choice is to focus on the local community. Supporting our “backyard” by utilizing local suppliers and manufacturers is what we are about. We believe this to be a valid approach to the economies of production and beneficial to the environment in its own small way.

Since 2007, when we began to reintroduce the Rivendell Mountain Works Brand, we have learned a couple of things. It has become evident that many of our customers have a desire to patronize a business where the product is “hand made”. We assume that means not factory made in assembly line fashion. While we do practice production efficiency techniques, packs are made in small numbers and typically by one or two people. We are committed to continuing this manufacturing philosophy.


Our main production workshop is off-the-grid and as such we have first hand knowledge of the importance of having a small energy footprint. RMWl networks with several other local, cottage manufacturers who also work out of their homes. This “village” method of manufacturing. is, for the time being, our way of practicing what we preach, keeping it local and supporting “our neighbors.”