All custom pack orders will require a non-refundable deposit of $50. Because we are a micro-cottage industry, there can be a backlog in producing custom orders, although we will work with your time constraints to fulfill your order in the shortest time possible. You can order a Jensen Pack in any of our stock colors with no additional cost. Other custom color requests are possible and will incur a custom color charge of $25.

Extra Rugged Version (ERV)
This is the way I build all my personal packs: Instead of a single layer of cordura, I add in extra layers of various coated fabrics at critical points in the pack. Those locations are: The entire lower compartment and the area of the pack above the corduroy. This added water protection is extremely valuable if you plan on using the pack in wet climates for prolonged periods. Combined with the rainliner, it makes for a very weatherproof pack. All ERV packs will be fitted with snaps, so that pockets may be added at a later date. ERV’s also come with 1/4” lacing pre-tied to all zipper sliders, on the pack.
Barbell leather is also beefier. Waxed “double shoulder” is used for greater longevity. By popular request, we are now adding a piece of “crossgrain ribbon” to the inside of the lower zipper. This helps protect your sleeping bag from being snagged by the zipper.

  • ERV option add $30
  • ERV plus rainliner add $55

Rainliner/ Raincover
This greatly protects the contents of the pack from inclement weather, and is not an encumberance if there is gear lashed to the outside of the pack. The rainliner is made from coated ripstop nylon, and is attached to the inside of the pack with velcro. If you desire a liner, we need to add the velcro during the construction of the pack It cannot be added at a later time.

  • Rainliner option – add $30
  • RMW’s original raincover for the Jensen Packs is now available for $35.