Clever compartmentalization gives the pack its characteristic shape as it is filled. The vertical partition in the center of the pack achieves three major functions in the design:

  1. It creates the “S” curve which fits so comfortably against the wearer’s back, important for proper weight distribution and maneuverability.
  2. It gives the pack its slim profile, minimizing the distortion of your center of gravity.
  3. It forms two vertical columns which transfer their weight to the lower part of the pack. These columns terminate at a horizontal tube, which wraps around and rests on your hips.

A belt extending from the ends of the horizontal tube distributes the weight smoothly around the hips. Above the two vertical columns is a large undivided area that keeps weight as closely over the shoulders as possible.

Built for the Elements
All seams of stress are double stitched with No. 16 nylon or polyester thread. Points of great stress are backed with webbing and/or leather reinforcement. YKK No. 10 coil zippers are used throughout. These durable, self-repairing zippers are recognized everywhere as the industry’s state of the art. Each zipper is equipped with dual sliders, so compartments can be accessed from anywhere along the zipper. Generous weather flaps protect the zippers from abrasion and keep rain out of the pack’s contents.

The outer pack is constructed from CORDURA® brand fabric, which is far more durable and abrasion-resistant than most fabrics typically used in backpacks today. Fabric pieces are individually hot-cut to seal the edges and prevent fraying. The back panel in contact with the wearer’s back is covered with a polyester/nylon blend of “corduroy” for enhanced comfort when wearing the pack without a shirt in warm weather. We sandwich a layer of polyethylene between the corduroy and CORDURA® fabric to prevent perspiration wicking into the pack. Internal baffles are made from 420 denier nylon pack cloth to reduce weight. We do not claim The Jensen Pack™ is waterproof – no fabric pack is – but you can minimize water penetration of seams by applying a seam sealant to all sewn seams, which we recommend for all packs including ours.

Our stainless waist buckle is extremely lightweight, quick releasing, easy to adjust, and will not slip. For tie-on points, our packs are fitted with Rivendell’s exclusive barbell-shaped leather accessory patches. The leather we use is an 6-8oz. latigo for durability and weather resistance. The barbells are durable and highly functional, and they give The Jensen Pack™ an aesthetic touch rarely seen in packs anymore. We think of the barbell leathers as Don Jensen’s personal signature.