Detachable Pockets, $50 per pair – capacity 760 cu. in. /pair
Our pockets are multi functional, tough and add convenience to accessing gear. The pockets come equipped with webbing on the backside so that they can be slipped on a belt or strap and used as a waistpack. They attach to the pack with a specialized directional snap which prevents the pocket from accidently coming off the pack. We use #8 zippers on the pockets with 2 zipper pulls so you can access gear from either end. The zipper starts across the top and continues down the long side. As with all our packs, a flap adds weather resistance to the zipper and protects the zipper from abrasion. These flaps are one piece, continous with the fabric on one side of the zipper, another distinction of the Rivendell Brand.

These pockets can also be custom ordered with Mariposa Packs but are too long for the Lupine Packs. Packs cannot be retrofitted with snaps they must be installed at the time of construction.