Heritage Cagoule – RMW raingear


Additional sizing information:
S – 41″ length, girth at bottom hem 52″
M – 44″ length, girth at bottom hem 60″
L – 46″ length, girth at bottom hem 68″ girth at waist ~63”
Length is Measured from the centerpoint of the back, at the hood seam line.

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Rivendell Mountain Works first introduced  their Cagoule in 1977. We were one of the first manufacturers to use Gore-Tex which was a new fabric at that time. It is only fitting that for the rollout of our Heritage Raingear that we offer our initial production run in authentic Gore-Tex fabric. Micro-porous fabrics, like Gore-Tex brand, are the best choice for raingear like Cagoules. When the weather really sucks, and you are caught out on a climb or watching a soccer game, there is no better garment for complete weather protection and you will stay dry inside, even with activity, because of the breathability of micro-porous fabric.

There are very few other manufacturers offering cagoules and the RMW Cagoule is superior to all other cagoules in several important ways. The hood really is the kingpin feature of a good rain garment and our design provides complete protection with a double baffel 6″ zipper closure. Even though the hood and neck are cut very generous to allow a helmet to be worn inside, you can still completely close down the opening for complete protection. Features include a visor at the top of the hood and an interior velcro strap, at the rear, to allow adjustment of the hood shape. There are no shoulder seams on our design and fewer seams overall than the competition. We have added “pass-thrus” on each side, below the waist, to allow easy access into pants pockets and the cut on the bottom “skirt” is generous enough so that many users  will be able to crouch and draw your knees inside the garment. A zippered “kangaroo” pocket on the front rounds out the features of our superior all weather garment.

I had a perfect opportunity to field test one of the prototypes this summer in the Beartooth Range in Montana. We were caught by some nasty weather at 11,000 ft on the Froze-to-death plateau and even though I was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt I was exceptionally comfortable with a cagoule keeping me completely dry and toasty warm.

The cagoule has long been a staple of the serious mountaineer, and provides the ultimate protection in nasty weather.


Our design has the fewest seams of any raingear and a hood large enough to pull over a climbing helmet, but you need not be a serious climber to appreciate the weather-proofness of this garment. Whether watching a soccer match in a downpour, or fishing in SE Alaska, this garment will give you complete weather protection for any activity. Features include: side “pass thru’s” for easy access to pants pockets,a kangaroo pocket for accessibility to small items, interior hood adjustment, hook and loop closure on cuffs  and double baffle on hood/zipper closure.

Sewn in the USA, like all of our gear !!